Power Posture

Discover the foundation of strength.

Foreword by Dr. Michael Colgan PhD

"For the seasoned athlete, and especially for the beginner, do not touch a weight, do not attempt field training, do not do anything athletic without first learning the principles contained in this book. It is the primary and most important step to power!" -MICHAEL COLGAN PhD Internationally Acclaimed Research Scientist and Best Selling Author


This book was written not just for the athletically inclined, but it is also an excellent guide for those recovering from injury or have in some way restricted mobility.

The author stresses that you are your posture, and that good posture is a natural alignment that leads to an efficiently working and resilient structure.

Because your body moves as one mass, it is absolutely critical that you build your foundation so that all its parts link properly -as one unit!.

With the help of clearly-drawn illustrations and photographs, readers will discover their 4 main power centers and develop their bodies from the inside, out -for optimum athletic power and movement capacity.

Rediscover what was known for centuries by great warriors such as the Samurai Musashi  -that all power flows from the core of the body, the pelvis and spine and the deep muscles and connective tissues that hold it up and together.

Author Lee PARORE shows you how to get these core structures balanced and integrated for optimum performance.

Using studies in wild animal behavior as examples, the author makes the complex science of these movements understandable to everyone, and offers those who have disrupted their bodies with incorrect training, sure ways to restore their structural integrity -from the balls of their feet, to the top of their head.


248 pages | Quality Soft Cover | Illustrated



Lee PARORE is a Certified "Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist" from the C.H.E.K. Institute in California, and is also a Qualified Naturopath. He has studied many forms of bodywork, including N.M.T. (Neuro-Muscular Therapy) and Shiatsu.

Lee has been consulting the LES MILLS BODY TRAINING SYSTEMS for their internationally successful program BODY BALANCE, and has worked with numerous elite athletes, coaches and champions from around the world.

He is also the author of the recently released FEARLESS SPIRIT, JOYOUS HEART! (APPLE PUBLISHING)


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