HEALTHY HAIR 2 Book Bundle Pak

Bundle both books and SAVE!

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Get right up-to-date with the very latest information on healthy hair management. These 2 books are jam packed with years of research on hair loss dating back from ancestral history to present day.

Learn how modern science has discovered the close links between a healthy body, healthy hair and healthy skin.

Find out how case study after case study has shown that nutritional deficiencies greatly impact the growth of hair in both men and women -and what you can do to have healthier, thicker hair by supplementing your body properly.

Learn combing, brushing and other techniques that stimulate the scalp and choose shampoos, conditioners and soaps that benefit your skin.

Find out why the authors of these 2 books conclude that hair loss IS preventable and in some cases -even reversible!


HEALTHY HAIR 2 Book Bundle Pak

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