Hair Loss Prevention Through Natural Remedies

Is hair loss preventable? Reversible?

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Discover what today's experts are saying about nutrition and hair loss.

Tour through tradition, history and science as the authors explore these questions from several vantage points - and arrive at some encouraging conclusions.

AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AMA) figures show that 40% of all men will experience some degree of hair loss by the time they're forty.

That number rises to 65% by the time they reach seventy and the figures are alarmingly high for women as well.

Although these figures are acceptable for many North Americans, the authors' research points out and examines societies and civilizations with virtually no incidence of hair loss.

They investigate how diet, pollutants and lifestyle stresses can greatly impact the growth of healthy hair and what can be done to minimize, and in many cases -reverse hair loss.

The authors go into detail about many of today's popular hair treatments, including hair folicle transplants, scalp reductions, hair weaving, Minoxidil™ and various topical applications such as Rogaine™ -and offer statistics on their effectiveness.

Attaining healthy hair, the authors point out, is an ongoing, multi-layered process and offer no one magic bullet. However they do point to clinical evidence where success has been achieved by patients taking a series of small but important steps in their daily regimen.

Hair Loss Prevention Through Natural Remedies shows that male pattern baldness and prostate problems are linked and that a vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid intake which helps one, is also good for the other.

This book is an excellent source for immediate protective care of the hair (advice on shampoos, conditioners, brushing, etc.) as well as long term health strategies which can prevent further hair loss.

Based on seven years of research, this objective and intelligently-written book answers many questions that both men and women have concerning healthy hair management -with new information that offers hope to millions around the world.


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