Flax for Life

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Recommended reading with foreword by:
Ann Louise Gittleman MS

101 delicious recipes featuring the natural healing properties of flax oil.

A must read for those who use flax oil in their daily diet, this book contains wonderfully imaginative, yet easy-to-prepare recipes that will put you into the healthy habit of incorporating flax oil and flaxseed into your daily diet.

Along with recipes, the author offers excellent well-researched information on the benefits of essential fatty acids (EFA's).

Discover how ingesting one or two tablespoons of flax oil daily can dramatically impact the state of your health forever -by helping lower cholesterol and guarding against many illnesses including heart disease, stroke and cancer, to name a few.

This handy little book contains over 100 simple recipes, including such things as Middle Eastern Bean Dip, Barlean Butter, Fresh Fruit Breakfast Muesli, Creamy Garlic Dressing and more.


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96 pages | Quality Soft Cover



Jade Beutler R.R.T., R.C.P. is also the co-author of UNDERSTANDING FATS AND OILS with Michael T. Murray, N.D.

FLAX FOR LIFE/Jade Beutler R.R.T., R.C.P.

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